What is the difference between a Fiberlaser Cutting Machine and a Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine?

Laser Cutting machines are one of the popular cutting devices in modern industry. Fiberlaser cutting machines are very versatile and can be used in various manufacturing industries.

Plasma Cutting machines are for some reason seen as inferior to Fiberlaser Cutting, although High definition Plasma Cutting Machines are definitely on par with Lasercutting Machines. A benefit of plasma cutting is that it can cut highly reflective metals, which lasers cannot cut.

How does the fiberlaser cutting work: A laser beam irradiates on the surface of the metal material. In other words it evaporates the metal as it cuts.

With CNC Fiberaser Cutting Machines, the cutting speed is high and the cutting quality is of a very high precision. There is far less deformation of the metal when cutting with fiberlaser, although it is best used when cutting thin to medium thick sheets of metal. It is seen as a much safer, more accurate and cleaner technology, compared to cnc plasma cutting.

How does Plasma work: Using the high temperature of a plasma arc the metal basically “melts” away as it is cut.

Fiberlaser Cutting - MicroStep SA

Fiber Laser Cutting

Plasma Cutting - MicroStep

Plasma Laser Cutting

This is how it works in basic steps:

An Inert gas is blown out of a nozzle, then an electrical arc is passed through the gas. This gas changes to plasma and the resulting plasma is hot enough to melt metal, which is then blown away from the cut.

Let’s break down the difference of Fiberlaser and Plasma in a few short points:

  1. The injury of material: A fiberaser cutting machine will damage the cutting material less than a plasma cutting machine will, but again it depends on the thickness of the material
  2. Cutting precision: fiberlaser cutting machines will be more accurate when it comes to being able to cut very small holes or slits A Plasma cutting machine will not be able to do this. The precision of a laser cutting machine is 0.05mm. Plasma cutting accuracy will be lower than this.
  3. The cutting speed: A CNC laser cutting machine’s cutting speed is much higher than that of a plasma cutting machine.

At the end of the day it boils down to which method is right for You?

Cutting methods should be evaluated according to your manufacturing needs. Each project is unique and no technology is a 100% solution for the application.

In summary, both technologies offer high-quality and accurate cuts. Fiberlaser cutting is best for tight tolerances, detailed cuts, small cuts and thinner material.

Cnc Plasma cutting is best for simple cuts, thicker materials and highly reflective materials

Both technologies can leave dross and pierce spatter, though plasma will do more so.