SLTL – Infinity F1

SLTL India’s first fiber laser cutting machine inventor & manufacturer has designed ‘Infinity’ 2D fiber laser cutting machine. It is known for its extensiveness considering specific needs of metal cutting industry. Few more fascinating features are common cut, single lens mechanism, ball support sheet loading, dynamic fume extractor mechanism, putting all these features together, the machine becomes a must buy for sheet metal cutting works. Its vigorous flexibility extends thunderbolt reflexes for swift material change. Hermetically sealed cabinet keeps safety at its best. The machine takes as low as 1.5 minutes for booting. High-end 64 bit CNC controller is equipped with the user-friendly operating interface. The magnificent controller responds within 20 nanoseconds which makes the Infinity super responsive.

 SPECIFICATION  Unit  Working Range 2D  Tube
 Max. Working Range  X Axis  mm  1525 mm  2200 mm
 Y Axis  mm 3050 mm 3050 mm
 Z Axis  mm  240 mm  240 mm
 Max. Workpiece Weight  Kgs  750  750
 Max. Rapid  Simultaneous m/min  100  100
 Positioning Precision  mm  +-0.05  +-0.05
 Repeatability  mm  +-0.02  +-0.02
 Max. Acceleration  m/s2  20  20

Tube Cutting

Min. Thickness    3mtr    6mtr
 Maximum pipe size  Round  mm 1,2 25 to 180
 Square  mm 1,2 25 to 180
 Rectangular  mm 1,2 25 to 180
 Maximum job Weight  Kgs 70 140
 Maximum pipe cutting Length  mm    2500    5500
 4 Jaw Chuck Dia.(Feeding chuck)  size  mm               200
 Operation  —  Manual / Auto
 Dual pallet  Optional

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