One of the main features of fiber laser technology is the transmission of the laser beam through an optical fiber. This greatly expands the possibilities of delivering highly versatile fiber laser cutting machines. The flexible beam guide not only allows building of large-scale machines, up to several tens of meters long, it also allows a much simpler realization of bevel cutting heads. There is also an easier integration of additional technologies such as drilling, tapping, marking, additional beveling (ABP) or plasma as well as an addition of equipment for cutting of pipes and profiles. Now the way is open for  installing multifunctional CNC cutting centers similar to those already widely used in plasma cutting.

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Thanks to intensive R&D in the field, MicroStep has gradually developed its fiber laser product line MSF, a modular system that allows creation of customized assemblies, reaching from simple machines to complex cutting centers with different work area sizes.

The aim is to deliver optimally built machines that meet the particular production requirements of end users. MSF´s gantry construction and sturdy frame are equipped with powerful suction and fume filtration and a closed safety cabin to protect the operator from exposure to laser radiation.

MSF-Eco, are more entry level system is produced in 3 standard sizes with work areas of 1 x 2 m, 1.25 x 2.5 m and 1.5 x 3 m. As the name suggests, it was designed for economical operation, simple applications with limited laser power. It is supplied with a simple cutting grate that can be manually pulled out of the work area to the front of the protective cabin. This allows for more convenient loading of semi- products and unloading of cut parts.

MSF, which is the standard version is delivered in sizes from 3 x 1.5 m up to 12 x 3 m. These standard machines are equipped with an automatic shuttle table with two cutting grates that enable simultaneous operations of cutting and loading/unloading. Waste collection and disposal is provided by a belt conveyor and a waste container positioned below the work area of the machine.

The machine has an automatic lubrication system that reduces and simplifies the process of its regular maintenance.

The MSF machine can have cutting heads for straight or bevel cutting, with a maximum bevel angle of 45°. Control of the cutting height is in both cases provided by  a capacitive sensor integrated into the cutting head. It automatically measures the distance between the cutting tool and the cut material. For proper function of the measuring system, it is necessary to keep the cutting nozzle undamaged and clean. For this purpose, the machine is equipped with a combined LU3K station – an automatic station for cleaning of the nozzle, optical check of its status, and automatic calibration of the height sensor.

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For bevel cutting heads, calibration of the height sensor is carried out automatically for the whole range of tilt angles.

When equipped with a bevel cutting head, MicroStep´s patented auto- calibration system ACTG ensures accurate compensation of potential mechanical inaccuracies that may occur in the geometry of the bevel head. ACTG greatly contributes to long-term stability of the bevel cutting process.

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Furthermore, the standard version of MSF machines can be enhanced with a supplementary zone for cutting of pipes and hollow profiles of different cross sections. MicroStep offers three alternatives of this technology. The first two enable cutting of pipes with diameters of up to Ø 200 mm and Ø 300 mm. For closed profiles, these values represent the maximum diameter of circles circumscribing their cross sections. The pipe cutting part of the machine is placed along the X axis with a transversal loading conveyor on the input, automatic feeding of the pipes into the cutting area by a moveable chuck, and a transversal output conveyor for small parts as well as a collecting tray for bigger parts on the output.  Material handling is conveniently ensured by a sliding side panel of the safety cabin.

The modular design of MSF provides a wide range of cutting machine configuration options. The customer gets the possibility to configure his laser  system  exactly  according to his needs and to integrate it most effectively into his production workflow.

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