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Fiber Laser Cutting

Briefly, fiber laser light is created by banks of diodes. The light is channeled and amplified through fiber optic cable similar to that used for data transfer. The amplified light, on exiting the fiber cable, is collimated or straightened and then focused by a lens onto the material to be cut.

Other normal lasers (CO2) are very sensitive to movement, and should they get knocked or banged, the whole laser alignment will be thrown off. If the optics themselves get misaligned, then it can require a specialist to get it working again. A fiber laser, on the other hand, generates its laser beam on the inside of the fiber, meaning that sensitive optics aren’t required to have it working properly.

Another huge benefit in the way that a fiber laser works is that the beam quality that is delivered is extremely high. Because the beam, as we’ve explained, remains contained within the core of the fiber, it keeps a straight beam that can be ultra-focused. The dot of the fiber laser beam can be made incredibly small, perfect for applications such as laser cutting.

We exclusively use IPG Photonics in combination with our MicroStep state of the art guidance and software solution.


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